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Albert Ziegler and Jiannong Shi

Academic Talent Development and the Equity Issue in Gifted Education
F. Gagné

Talent Development: From Possessing Gifts, to Functional Environmental Interactions
D. Araújo and K. Davids

Stability of Racial Differences in Gifted Education: The Case for Stereotype Threat
J. Baker

Theory and Practice in One Conception
L. Balogh

Implementation Concerns for Gagné’s Vision of Academic Talent Development
S. Cobley and J. McKenna

Whose Cultural Lens? End Points, Creativity, Opportunities and Barriers
L. M. Cohen

Resolving Inequity from Meritocracy in Gifted Education
L. J. Dimaano

An Alternative English Perspective on Equity in Gifted Education
T. Dracup

Culture Free Identification of Gifted Children: Based on Elementary Cognitive Tasks
X. Duan

Reflections on a New Model Program for Academic Talent Development: Towards a Fair and Nondiscriminatory Assessment Method in Gifted Education
J. N. Fiebig

A Wish for the Gifted and Talented
J. Freeman

One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer: Expansions on Gagné’s Six Constituent Elements for Talent Development Programs
R. Grassinger

Ethnic and Socio-Economic Discrimination – Which Prevails?
Z. C. Guenther

Meritocratic Principles Are Not Enough – Ways Toward a Fair Fostering of Talent Development
B. Harder

Gifted Programs Need the Option of Acceleration
A. Heinbokel

Academic Talent Development for Every Talented Student
L. Hoogeveen

The Neglected Gap Between Diagnosis and Implementation
E. Hotze

On the Role of Basic Assumptions in the Debate on the Equity Issue in Gifted Education
B. Koichu

Equality of Access in ATD Programs: The More Appropriate Method and Criteria
Q. Liu

The Neglected Importance of Emotions
D. Luzzo and F. Gobet

Debating the Applicability of Gagné’s Talent Development Model in the Sport Domain
D. J. MacDonald

Minorities and Giftedness
L. F. Pérez and J. A. Beltrán

Straight Talking Gifted and Talented Education
R. S. Persson

The Environmental Impact
M. Reutlinger and K. Till

Gifted-Program Provision Is at Least as Serious a Challenge as Identification
B. M. Shore

Priority to Early Identification: Better Prevention than Remediation
J.-C. Terrassier

Equality and Equity in Educational Systems: A Universal Problem
J. Tourón

Inequity in Opportunity to Learn: A Talent Development Reality
J. VanTassel-Baska

Inclusion and Differentiation for Children with High Potential
B. Wallace

Where Are the Underachievers in the DMTG’s Academic Talent Development?
M. Wellisch and J. Brown

Setting the Questions - Enlarging the Problem
S. Weyringer and J.-L. Patry

Academic Talent Development: For All or Only Some?
D. Wood

DMGT: Not the Last Straw That Breaks the Camel’s Back
J. Zhang and Y. Chu

“Some” Equity Through Meritocracy: A Rejoinder to 32 Comments
F. Gagné

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