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Talent Development and Excellence 2012-1


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The Relationship Between Intelligence and the Preference for Self-Regulated Learning: A Longitudinal Study with Fourth-Graders

C. Sontag, H. Stoeger, and B. Harder

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Trining Differences and Selection in a Talent Identification System

J. Baker, S. Bagats, D. Büsch, B. Strauss, and J. Schorer

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Improving the Educational Achievement of Gifted and Talented Students: A Systematic Review

R. Bailey, G. Pearce, C. Smith, M. Sutherland, N. Stack, C. Winstanley, and M. Dickenson

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Relative Age Effects in Higher Education: An Investigation of Potential Long Term Impacts Resulting from Youth Sport and Education Policies

N. Wattie, J. Schorer, M. Tietjens, J. Baker, and S. Cobley

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The Emergence of a New Research Direction at the Intersection of Talent and Economy: The Influence of the Gifted on Economy

L. V. Shavinina

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