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Talent Development and Excellence

Volume 5, No 2, 2013


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Guest Editorial - The Elusive Search for the Gifted Personality

Mimi Wellisch and Marion Porath


The Gifted Personality: What Are We Searching For and Why?

Marion Porath


The Elusive Search for the Personality of the Intellectually Gifted Student: Some Cross-Cultural Findings and Conclusions from the Israeli Educational Context

Inbal Shani-Zinovich and Moshe Zeidner


The Talent Development Model: An African Perspective of Shona Culture

Constantine Ngara


Invisible Gifted Students

Peter Merrotsy


Many Faces of a Gifted Personality: Characteristics Along a Complex Gifted Spectrum

Mimi Wellisch and Jac Brown


Examining Mechanisms That Contribute to Relative Age Effects in Pre-Pubescent Female Ice Hockey Players

David J. Hancock, Kelsey Seal, Bradley W. Young, Patricia L. Weir and Diane M. Ste-Marie


The Influence of a Deliberate Practice Intervention on the Putting Performance and Subsequent Practice Behaviours of Aspiring Elite Adolescent Golfers

Rick Hayman, Remco Polman, Erika Borkoles and Jamie Taylor


Making It to the Top in Team Sports: Start Later, Intensify, and Be Determined!

Karin Moesch, Marie-Louise Trier Hauge, Johan M. Wikman, and Anne-Marie Elbe


Searching the Information Maze for Giftedness Using the Pearl Harvesting Information Retrieval Methodological Framework

Robert W. Sandieson and Sarah M. McIsaac


Digit Ratio Effects Between Expertise Levels in American Football Players

Jörg Schorer, Rebecca Rienhoff, Hilmar Westphal and Joseph Baker





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