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Talent Development and Excellence

Volume 8 No 1, 2016



The Relative Age Effect in Alpine Ski Racing: A Review

Lisa Müller, Erich Müller, and Christian Rashner

Maintenance of perceptual cognitive expertise in female volleyball players and its adaptation to different time constraints

Lennart Fischer, Joseph Baker, Judith Tirp, Rebecca Rienhoff, Bernd Strauss, and Jörg Schorer

An Investigation of the Relative Age Effect amongst Olympic Athletes

Kristy S. O’Neill, Wayne G. Cotton, Juan Palomares Cuadros, & Donna O’Connor


Identifying Highly Gifted Children by Analyzing Human Figure Drawings: An Explorative Study

A.C. Sven Mathijssen, Max J.A. Feltzer, and Lianne Hoogeveen


The Relative Age Effect in Team Sport: What if we Look at it from a Different View?

Aldina S. Silva, André Barreiros, and António M. Fonseca


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