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picture of shane n. phillipson

Shane N. Phillipson - Hong Kong Institute of Education, Special Education and Counselling, Hong Kong, China.

Dr Shane N. Phillipson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education and Counselling, in the Hong Kong Institute of Education. His research interests include cultural conceptions of giftedness and models of achievement. He has been awarded a number of research grants, resulting in research publications in many international peer reviewed journals, including High Ability Studies and Educational Psychology. His books include Phillipson, S. N. (2007). Learning diversity in the Chinese classroom: Contexts and practice for students with special needs. Hong Kong: The Hong Kong University Press, and Phillipson, S. N., & McCann, M. (2007). Conceptions of giftedness: Socio' cultural perspectives. Marwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

picture of sivanes phillipson

Sivanes Philipson - Hong Kong Baptist University, Education Studies, Hong Kong, China. 

Sivanes Phillipson, PhD is an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University in the area of educational psychology. She teaches a number of psychology and teacher education courses. Her research interests include context of achievement in relation to cultural contexts and Chinese learners and parents. Sivanes has a special interest in structural equation modeling and mediation analysis, and widely uses these methods in her own research. She has published internationally in books and journals in the wider field of education and specifically in educational psychology.



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